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Signs of a Troubled Relationship

Relationships are hard work. It might seem strange that two people who'd become so close can drift so far apart, to the point where separation is in sight. One minute, you're sleeping in the same bed and the next, you're considering an apartment. Yet this is exactly how many relationships develop because of any number of dynamics at play. When a relationship is deteriorating, there will always be signs.

Showing Contempt Toward a Spouse

Contempt is the opposite of respect and couples who don't share mutual respect likely cannot last. This can be manifested in terms of criticism, negative judgments, or even sarcasm. Contempt is indicative of the desire to be hurtful. When couples begin viewing scenarios with an eye on blaming one another, contempt is playing itself out.

Ignoring One Another

When couples begin walking around one another with the silence of ghosts, the relationship is in trouble. Relationship experts know that couples that are ignoring each other, even while in the same room, their minds are not thinking about the health and welfare of the relationship. Rather, they may be willfully avoiding the subject or thinking about someone else or another, seemingly more preferable, scenario.

Lack of Intimacy

Perhaps the saddest aspect of a failing relationship is when intimacy wanes. When couples are no longer intimate, it means that they've stopped trying to invest in that important aspect of the relationship. It also could mean that their energy is going toward something else, such as work, toward themselves, or toward another person.

Recognition Is Important

Sometimes relationships don't work out and when this happens, the signs will be there. If you begin to recognize that the silences are longer and the bad thoughts are occurring with greater frequency, you may want to take steps to remedy your relationship. If not, you will continue to drift further away from each other. In our subject interview in Texas, a Fort Worth divorce lawyer made an attempt to save a marriage before filing legal papers. In a few cases, the relationship can be restored.